When do I use a Diluting / Shading Solution and what's the difference?

What is it?

Diluting (or shading solution) is used to control ink/pigment load.  It changes the thickness of the ink or pigment in order to achieve specific results, and can either lessen or intensify the pigment load depending on the type of solution used.

There are two (2) types of solutions on the market today:

  • Thin Solution is used to thin out the pigment to achieve a different opacity, and is ideal for powder brow techniques where the desired outcome is soft and more subtle. Essentially, it is added to make the ink/pigment less intense.
  • Thick Solution is used to thicken ink/pigment, a commonly used technique when performing manual work such as microblading.

Perma Blend and Tina Davies Professional (by Perma Blend) both offer a thick and a thin solution, and both refer to it as "Shading Solution" whereas Ever After pigments refers to it as a "Diluting Solution".   HYVE Beauty carries all of these options - click the links below to check them out!

Pigment Shading Solution - Thick by Perma Blend
Pigment Shading Solution - Thin by Perma Blend
Essence Diluting Solution by Ever After Pigments
Shading Solution - Thick - Tina Davies by Perma Blend

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