Package says delivered but it's not here

Not to worry, if you are receiving a delivered notification on your tracking information we have a couple of ideas.

Please wait 1 more day - sometimes the carriers can be a bit over zealous in reporting things as delivered prior to them actually being dropped off.
Do you perhaps have a community mailbox or live in a apt building? If you have a community mailbox, please check the details in your tracking information as it may state it has been dropped off at your mailbox or mail room. If you live in a apt building please check the mail room or building manager to see if it has been received.

Finally contact the carrier with your tracking number (found in your shipping confirmation) and see what the next best steps are. Once a package leaves our facility we no longer have custody or control so your best route of action is to contact the courier directly as we have the same information as you.

Please Note that HYVE Beauty is not responsible for packages marked delivered that have been stolen due to mail theft.

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